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Below are a list of the services we offer:

HVAC Design Drawings
Heat Loss & Heat Gain CalculationsEstablishing the maximum heating or cooling load of any dwelling.
Building Envelope Heat LossIdeal for GeoExchange or Eco-energy Retrofit Rebate submissions.
Air System Design & LayoutDevelopment of drawings for seamless installation & as-built retention.
Radiant Loop DesignOptimizes in-floor hydronic loops for maximum comfort and cost control.
Mechanical Ventilation DesignSizing, calculating and illustrating HRV’s, ERV’s and In-Line Fans.
Commercial Heat Loss & Gain CalculationsEstablishing the maximum heating and cooling loads.
Commercial Air System DesignEnsuring effective distribution without occupant discomfort.
Commercial Ventilation DesignEffective and efficient air exchange and code compliance.