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Toronto City Building Forms

City of Toronto Building Forms Can be Downloaded directly from the City of Toronto’s website(Download Permits).  We can help you get your building permit.  Please contact us

All Toronto Building Forms

  1. Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish
  2. Application for Routine Disclosure
  3. Application/Information for SDHW
  4. Appointment of Authorized Agent (Third Party Sign Tax)
  5. Authority to Occupy Request
  6. Backflow Prevention Information Templates
  7. Building Design Information Form
  8. Commitment to General Reviews By Architect and Engineer
  9. Complaint Forms
  10. Declaration of Use Letter
  11. Demolition Permit Application Checklist
  12. Documentation of SDHW Certified Plans
  13. Documentation to Certify Plans
  14. Energy Efficiency Compliance Checklist for Part 9, Non-Residential Buildings
  15. Energy Efficiency Design Other Than Part 9 Residential
  16. Energy Efficiency Design Summary – Part 9 Residential
  17. Existing Life Safety Systems for Building
  18. First Party Sign Permit Application
  19. Green Roof Declaration
  20. Green Roof Inspection Report Checklist
  21. Inspection Request
  22. Inspection Status Request
  23. Installer’s Declaration for Electromagnetic Locking Devices
  24. Lot Grading Criteria for Infill Housing Letter of Undertaking
  25. Lot Grading Criteria for Infill Housing Lot Grading Certificate
  26. Municipal Road Damage Deposit
  27. Notice of Objection
  28. Owner’s Acknowledgement of Demolition Control Conditions
  29. Plumbing Data Sheet
  30. Preliminary Review Request for Business License
  31. Preliminary Project Review – Use Only
  32. Preliminary Project Review (PPR) Request Form
  33. Property Information Report
  34. Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion: Declaration of Use and Screening Form
  35. Schedule 1: Designer Information
  36. Schedule 2: Sewage System Installer Information
  37. Schedule A: Multiple Residential Application Form
  38. SDHW Roof Structure Report
  39. SDHW Backflow Prevention Device Test Report
  40. SDHW System Inspection Report
  41. Sign Bylaw Amendment Application
  42. Sign Variance Appeal
  43. Sign Variance Application
  44. Signage Master Plan Application
  45. Site Service Declaration Form
  46. Special Inspection Overtime Request
  47. Transfer of Sign Ownership
  48. Tree Declaration
  49. Third Party Sign Permit Application
  50. Third Party Sign Inventory Declaration
  51. Vibration Control
  52. Worksheet for Evaluating Alternative Solutions

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